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Logically Green

Environmental responsibility and sustainable development have been Huet goals since the company began over 65 years ago. This has been formally recognised by our internal HQE (High Quality Environments) policy.

Put simply, throughout the entire lifecycle of one of our office buildings or manufacturing plants we minimise it’s impact on interior and exterior environments.

Low Emissions

Chimneys at our factories have been fitted with smoke fitration systems since the 1980s. Regular testing ensures our current filtration systems are performing as well as the first day they were installed. Our policy of regular review and assessment ensures we are up to date with the latest technology and that it is incorporated into our current systems as soon as possible.

Innovate to Save

Latest generation high-performance energy-efficient heating systems are installed in all our new production facilities and many of our existing buildings. This investment saves us - and the planet - several thousands of tons of fuel every year.

Energy Balancing

In partnership with our corporate energy supplier we run a sophisticated energy management system. It helps us spread our energy usage as evenly as possible over the whole day.

Thanks to this system we’ve managed to reduce our overall energy consumption and we help our energy suppliers balance their own production and supply.