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Bespoke fire-Rated 
Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

Innovation is in Our DNA

From multi-core door leafs with revolutionary acoustic properties to anti-bacterial door finishes for medical use, research and development is a fundamental part of everything we do. It’s part of our corporate DNA.

Project Specific Production

Our manufacturing facilities produce doorsets to customer requirements. Whatever you require we will produce accordingly. We hold very few stock items as we believe every project is unique. It gives you and us the flexibility to deliver products that suit every need.

So if one of our current products does not meet your requirements, we will work with you to develop a bespoke doorset that does. It also means that the Technical Team solves real world problems that are important to you.

A Dedicated Technical Team

Each year our technical team assesses and arranges tests through third party certified bodies. This allows us not only to meet the ever growing needs of our customers, but also to adapt, change and develop products that can deliver quality, performance, reliability and exceed current national and international standards.