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A 35 Rw dB Acoustic Rated Doorset for Schools, Colleges and Universities - But Better

We’re often asked if we can supply a 35 Rw dB rated doorset for schools, colleges and universities. Put simply, yes we can but we’ll give you something extra.

An Economy of Scale

Thanks to years of refinement, our most popular acoustic rated doorset has a 39 Rw dB rating. With manufacturing levels of 15,000 doors per week, it is simply economies of scale. We are able to deliver to your project a performance exceeding requirements at a price level lower price than most of our competitors similar specced 35 Rw dB models.

Safety and Performance

At Huet we take safety seriously, all our fire rated doorsets are tested to European and British standards.

For corridors we can offer FD30 or FD60 doorsets, in either single or double leaf (pairs). They can be manufactured for single acting or swinging (pivot) actions. Mounted on a pivot, they give the robust performance required to suit the frequent use in a typical school corridor.

When considering the safety and wellbeing of students, our new Scholar 35 can be offered as a single or double leaf doorset. When produced with a rebated meeting stile, as a double leaf (pair), it gives you an FD60 rating combined with an excellent 35 Rw dB acoustic performance.

Fire and acoustic rated doorsets for the education sector

Choice of Finish

Take our medium performance acoustic-rated doorset, it may be competitively priced but you’ll still benefit from our full range of finishing options including real wood veneer, primed, painted or laminated leafs; vision panels; and custom or standard engraving.

High performance acoustic rated doorset for specialised uses

Where high performance acoustic levels are required, we offer the ideal solution. For specific areas such as music rooms, individual study rooms, recording studios, and media centres there is an impressive choice of 42 – 51 Rw dB rated doorsets.

With over 65 years experience in the manufacture of acoustic rated doorsets and fire rated doorsets, contact us to benefit from our expertise and let us work with you to deliver your requirements to your door.

Featured Product: Euroflam Nursery

Euroflam Nursery anti-finger trap doorset Huet has developed the Euroflam Nursery doorset especially for schools, playgroups, nurseries and kindergartens - anywere designed for young children infact. It is impossible to trap or crush fingers between the doorleaf and frame thanks to it's award-winning combination of features.

The Euroflam Nursery has an FD30 / EI30 fire rating. It can be supplied with Huet's full range of options (including vision panels) and hard-wearing, bright, fun finishes.

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Contact us to learn how the Euroflam Nursery can benefit your next project.