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Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

A Proven Track Record in the Hotel and Leisure Industry

We’re proud to be Accor Hotel Group’s major supplier of acoustic and fire rated doorsets. Whether you need fire and/or sound proof doors we have a range of competitively priced products which will match your specification.

Size is Important

Our doorsets are some of the thinnest available for their acoustic ratings thanks to our unique multcore doorleaf design. Thicknesses range from 41mm to 48mm according to your required acoustic rating and configuration.

A Doorset for Every Use

Guest rooms, board rooms, function rooms, meeting rooms- single or double doors - real wood veneers, primed or painted - custom or standard laser engraving - with or without vision panels. Whatever you need we have a product to suit. And if by chance we can’t match your exact needs from our existing doorset range, we’ll work with you to produce the right product. Our Technical Team will be happy to discuss your requirements, working with you to find a solution.

We even supply laminated, environmentally stabilisted doorsets for use in leisure centres and health spas.

There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Our acoustic doorsets have been tested and certified to EN 1634-1 and BS 476 standards for either 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance.

Fire and acoustic rated doorsets for the hotel and leisure industry

Seeing is Believing

Interior design is so important to modern hotel development - so why risk specifying a doorset you've not seen? We believe we are unique amongst European manufacturers of acoustic and fire rated doorsets by providing a handmade lifesize mockup of your actual door during the approval process.

You can inspect a sample doorset, manufactured and finished to your exact specifications. You'll see exactly what will be delivered to site, making it so much easier to spot any necessary changes before we start production.

Be Well Connected

The SAS 52 doorset is especially designed for interconnecting guest rooms, offering flexibility and privacy as required. The SAS 52 is designed to be installed back-to-back, one door for each guest room. When both are closed you'll benefit from an industry leading 55 Rw dB.

Featured Product: Euroflam Nursery

Euroflam Nursery anti-finger trap doorset Huet has developed the Euroflam Nursery doorset especially for areas frequently used by young children. Its award-winning features ensure trapping or crushing fingers between the doorleaf and frame is impossible. Any play area or "Kids Corner" will benefit from a Euroflam Nursery doorset, as can other areas such as restaurants and breakfast rooms.

With a host of options and finishes (plus FD30 / EI30 fire rating), the Euroflam Nursery can be supplied to match the most elegant of hotel interiors or with a bright, fun, child-friendly design.

Read more about the Euroflam Nursery doorset.