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Are Noise Complaints from Hotel Guests Still Falling on Deaf Ears?

Worried about noise levels in your hotel? You should be. It wasn’t so long ago that Premier Inn, one of the UK’s fastest-growing hotel chains, revealed that “noise from other guests” was the most common reason for giving customer refunds, and now there’s solid research to back up that statistic – a study by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration confirms that online guest satisfaction has a direct impact on the financial performance of hotels.

What’s more, a report from ReviewPro, a leading provider of online reputation and social media analytics for the hotel industry, confirms that “noise” is still the single biggest reason for guest complaints. ReviewPro’s Global Review IndexTM (GRI), developed in partnership with Cornell, scored more than 5,500 hotels in 20 cities around the globe to arrive at this alarming result.

Since the Cornell research correlates guest satisfaction directly with revenue, pricing and repeat booking rates, it doesn’t take a genius to do the maths. If, as the report indicates, a 1% improvement in your GRI score delivers close to 1.5% more revenue per available room, then failing to reduce noise levels in your hotel is costing you money.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

In a busy commercial hotel, it’s not always possible to eliminate the problem at source; one guest’s definition of “reasonable” levels of noise will always be another’s idea of sleep deprivation. Given that some commercially attractive functions – wedding receptions and birthday parties, to name but two – are intrinsically noisy, far better to take practical steps to limit the damage to both your reputation and your finances.

While the bricks-and-mortar construction of most modern hotels provides basic acoustic insulation, it’s surprising how many hoteliers ignore the next most effective measure to reduce airborne noise – installing high-performing acoustic-rated doorsets. Whether installed as guest-room entry doors, interconnecting doors or dividing doors in corridors, appropriately specified acoustic-rated doorsets will improve perceived noise levels at a stroke.

Choose a Solution That Meets Your Needs

Huet offers a choice of acoustic-rated doorsets for every situation; guestroom doors with acoustic ratings from 30dB Rw (weighted sound reduction index) to 45dB Rw will prevent airborne noise intruding on even the most sensitive hearing. If your noise pollution emanates from adjoining bedrooms, our interconnecting doorsets, rated at 55dB Rw, offer industry-leading performance, positioning two separate doors between neighbouring rooms.

Effective acoustic insulation for corridor fire-door doorsets is also highly desirable. All Huet’s fire-rated doorsets are EN1634-certified to FD30 or FD60, and the addition of acoustic seals reduces the level of airborne-noise transmission still further. On specified models, we also offer dual-certification, with doorsets that are not only FD60 (EI60) fire rated, but also provide a 35dB Rw (single leaf) or 34Db Rw (double leaf) acoustic rating.

Huet’s acoustic doors don’t intrude on the carefully chosen ambience of your hotel either; you can choose an appearance that matches your existing design criteria, with a range of solid-wood and veneered materials for both door leaf and frame. Our range of finishes includes laminates, staining, engraving, lacquering or simply priming for site painting – the choice is yours.

Find Out How to Save Yourself Money

If you’d like to know more about Huet’s market-leading range of acoustic-rated and fire-rated doorsets, or if you simply want to discuss a future project, please get in touch. Call Tom Moir, UK Sales Manager on 07977 120 905 for more information.