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Club Comfort Acoustic-Rated Doorsets from Huet now with FSC-Certified Timber Frames

The global environmental agenda doesn’t get more topical than sustainability and preservation of natural resources. When it comes to wood, the growing demand for FSC-certified products is a clear indication that businesses and consumers prefer products from well-managed forests, which is why Huet’s new Club Comfort range of acoustic-rated doorsets now includes FSC-certified timber frames.

FSC Chain of Custody certification verifies that material is traceable from forest to factory, and Huet’s decision to introduce certified timber demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. In addition to its traditional hardwood frames, Huet now offers a choice of FSC-certified engineered-softwood and engineered-beech materials, each providing a high-quality finish that can be supplied primed for site painting.

New FSC-Certified Frames Maintain Acoustic Ratings

There’s no loss of performance with Huet’s new FSC-certified timber frames. Each of the three doorsets in the range – the Rw-32dB-rated Club 30, the Rw-37dB-rated Club 36 and the Rw-39dB-rated Club 39 – achieves its full rating in either single- or double-leaf configuration when matched with any of Huet’s solid timber, engineered timber or metal frames.

Value-Engineered Doorsets Offer Exceptional Value for Money

Huet’s new FSC-certified timber frames, introduced as part of the company’s value-engineering programme, offer both technical and financial advantages. Designed to meet the needs of architects and designers looking for highly specified yet affordable acoustic-rated doorsets, the Club Comfort range with FSC-certified timber frames is a perfect fit on both counts.

If you need further information about Huet’s Club Comfort acoustic-rated doorsets, or if you simply want to discuss a potential project, call Tom Moir, UK Sales Manager on 07977 120 905.