Suite and bedroom bespoke doorsets for the Sofitel Jardin des Roses, Rabat

Sofitel Jardin des Roses Rabat

The 5-star Sofitel Jardin des Roses, Rabat with its 7 hectares of Andalusian inspired rose gardens is an urban oasis in the heart of Morocco’s imperial capital, just a short distance from the Royal Palace.

A chic blend of Moroccan art and French design by architects Didier Gomez and Karim Chakor is an inspired combination of traditional and modern. Huet’s beautiful bespoke finshed doorsets for bedrooms, suites and function rooms are key elements of the design.

The Sofitel Jardin des Roses’ 37 suites and 266 rooms, each have an ISA DX 4260 doorset with 60 minute fire-rating and 42 Rw dB acoustic-rating. They are finished with a Polyrey Black Grain laminate on the door leaves, tinted and varnished wenge on the 2 long edges and a black lacquered frame. For the ultimate in flexibility several bedrooms are fitted with Huet’s SAS 52 30 minute fire-rated, 55 Rw dB acoustic-rated interconnecting doorset.

The same finish was applied to the ISA DX 3960 double doorsets (with 60 minute fire-rating and 39 Rw dB acoustic-rating), specified for the meeting and function rooms.

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