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Bespoke fire-Rated 
Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

FD 60 S / EI 60 S (35 Rw dB / 60 min fire resistance)

Huet Timber Fire and Acoustic Rated Doorset

This doorset has been tested to European/British Standards and can be offered in a variety of configurations:

  • Single leaf.

Door Leaf

  • Huet solid timber core. Thickness: 51mm.


  • Hardwood stiles with a choice of either concealed or exposed square edged lippings (7mm thick).
  • Produced in Hardwood (our choice); Beech or European Oak by request.
  • Can be fitted to 2 long edges.

Door Frame Options (Hardwood)

  • Hardwood (of our choice).
  • Square lining frame (minimum section 32 × 88mm) with loose stop (from 14 × 45mm).
  • We can produce an extension lining to suit a variety of widths greater than 150mm.
  • Can be supplied primed. Hardwood options can also be lacquered, stained or varnished.


  • 4 hinges (88 × 100mm).
  • Cut-outs/mortises are available to suit a variety of locks, handles and door closers.

Perimeter Seals

  • Intumescent seals factory fitted within the frame.
  • Tested to French, European and British Standards for FD 60.
  • Can be offered with an additional smoke seal fitted within the frame.

Vision Panel Glazing Options

  • Integrity and Radiant heat control with partial insulation (EW).
  • Integrity and Insulation (EI).


  • Selection of vision panel shapes and sizes.
  • Spy holes.
  • Ventilation grid.

Door Finishes

  • Wood veneers to match approved samples.
  • Laminated.
  • White RAL 9010 paint finish.
  • Primed.
  • Engraved to a wide choice of standard and bespoke finishes.