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Bespoke fire-Rated 
Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

ISA DX 49 (51 Rw dB / 30 min fire resistance)

Huet Supreme Performance Timber Acoustic Doorset

Perfect for use in recording studios, television studios, broadcast booths, stadia and auditoria. Available as a single and double doorset.

Door Leaf

  • Huet multi-layer acoustic core. Thickness: 80mm.
  • Exceptionally high stability leaf due to the inclusion of 4 steel sheets.


  • Hardwood (of our choice).
  • Beech (by request).
  • European Oak (by request).

Door Frame

  • Hardwood (of our choice).
  • Beech (by request).
  • European Oak (by request).
  • Rebated mono-block frame in a selection of widths from a minimum section of 125 × 68mm up to 178mm wide.


  • Lift-off ball bearing hinges - 190 × 80mm.

Perimeter Seals

  • Intumescent seals factory fitted to the frame.
  • Tested to French Standard for FD 30.
  • Combined smoke and acoustic seals (tested to meet both smoke control and acoustic performance) are fitted in the frame.

Door Facings

  • Primed.
  • Wood veneers to match approved samples.
  • Laminated.
  • White RAL 9010 paint finish.


  • Rectangular glazed vision panel 380 × 280mm.
  • Mechanical drop seals.