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Bespoke fire-Rated 
Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

Pyroporte Club 39 (41 Rw dB / 30 min fire resistance)

Huet Medium Performance Timber Acoustic Doorset

Developed specifically for use with plasterboard walls. Available as a single or double leaf (pair).

Door Leaf

  • Huet solid timber core. Thickness: 50mm.
  • Concealed Hardwood lippings.


  • Hardwood of our choice.

Door Frame

  • Metal frame overlaps plasterboard partition.
  • Frame reinforced by factory installed stabilising wood profile setion.
  • Plasterboard fits inside the frame.


  • Single Leaf
    • From 730 to 1230 mm; maximum height: 2180 mm.
  • Double Leaf
    • Equal leaves
      • From 730 to 1030 mm; maximum height: 2180 mm.
    • Unequal leaves
      • Main doorleaf from 730 to 1030 mm.
      • Semi-fix doorleaf from 530 to 1030 mm.
      • Maximum height: 2180 mm.


  • 4 × lift-off hinges - 130 × 86mm.

Perimeter Seals

  • Intumescent seals factory fitted within the frame and leaf.
  • Tested to European Standards for FD 30.
  • Combined smoke and acoustic seals are fitted within the frame. This seal has been tested to meet both smoke control and acoustic performance.

Vision Panel Glazing Options

  • Integrity and Radiant heat control with partial insulation (EW).
  • Integrity and Insulation (EI).

Door Finishes

  • Primed.
  • Wood veneers to match approved samples.
  • White RAL 9010 paint finish.
  • Engraved to a wide choice of standard and bespoke finishes.


  • Selection of glazed vision panels.