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Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

Real Wood Veneers for Acoustic & Fire Rated Timber Doorsets

Enjoy the natural elegance of a real wood veneer. With nine species kept in stock you'll benefit from the maximum creative freedom for your designs. Providing the order is large enough we can supply custom veneers too.

We can supply all veneered door leafs with tint and/or varnish to match specified samples. Tint and/or varnish is applied to all surfaces of the door leaf, including the edges.

Real Wood Veneers Held in Stock

  • Aningeria - Aninigeria Robusta.
  • Sapele - Entandrophragma Cylindricum.
  • Beech - Fagus Sp.
  • Ash - Fraxinus Sp.
  • Pine - Pinus Sp.
  • American Cherry - Prunus Serotina.
  • African Pterygota - Pterygota Bequaertil.
  • French Oak - Quercus Sp Fr.
  • Idigbo - Terminalia Ivorensis.

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 Aningeria Finish Sapele Finish Beech Finish Ash Finish Pine Finish American Cherry Finish African Pterygota Finish French Oak Finish Idigbo Finish