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Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

Stratified Wood Finishes for Acoustic & Fire Rated Timber Doorsets

Innovation blends with classical taste in our stratified wood finishes. Real wood veneers are bonded to a reconstituted wood foundation creating a high performance traditional finish. Our stock range includes a choice of eleven finishes.

We can supply all stratified wood door leafs with a choice of tint and varnish to match specified samples. Tints and varnishes are applied to all surfaces of the door leaf, including the edges.

Stratified Wood Veneers Held in Stock

  • Sycamore - Acer Pseudoplatanus.
  • Canadian Maple - Acer Sp.
  • Aningeria - Aninigeria Robusta.
  • Birch - Betula Sp.
  • Beech - Fagus Sp.
  • Ash - Fraxinus Sp.
  • American Walnut - Juglans Sp.
  • Zebrano - Microberlinia Sp.
  • American Cherry - Prunus Serotina.
  • American Light Oak - Quercus Sp.
  • French Light Oak - Quercus Sp Fr.

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 Sycamore Finish Canadian Maple Finish Aningeria Finish Birch Finish Beech Finish Ash Finish American Walnut Finish Zebrano Finish American Cherry Finish American Light Oak Finish French Light Oak Finish