North Africa
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Bespoke fire-Rated 
Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

Ironmongery & Hinges

Ironmongery is produced to match Huet doorsets for design and quality. Hinges are specified according to the acoustic rating and fire rating of the doorset, mechanical drop seals are available for some models.

Mechanical Drop Seal Availability

  • ISA DX 49
  • ISA DX 43
  • Club 39
  • ISA DX 3961
  • FD 30 S / EI 30 S

The Dorma ITS 96 concealed door closer provides excellent functionality with minimum visual impact. Again, it is can be specified for specific models of doorset.

Dorma ITS 96 Availability

  • ISA DX 45
  • ISA DX 43
  • Club 39
Ironmongery for acoustic rated and fire rated doorsets