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Euroflam Nursery - the Doorset System that keeps Little Fingers Safe

Introducing Huet’s award-winning Euroflam Nursery - the brand new integrated anti finger-trap system, developed especially for schools, nurseries, playgroups, hotels, pædiatric wards - in fact any building used by young children.

The Euroflam Nursery is available as a complete doorset with an FD30 / EI30 fire rating. It boasts a host of innovative features, working together as an integrated system, to keep children safe.

Anti finger-trap doorset

Door Leaf

The Euroflam Nursery door leaf features a specially sculpted profile to match the Sathys Technical door hinge. With a 40mm thickness and weight of 22 kg/m2, dimensions can be specified up to 2180mm × 1070mm.

Sathys® Technical Hinges

Produced in titanium-anodised aluminium, the Sathys® system uses an axial motion to eliminate the risk of trapping fingers. It it a maintenance-free unit with extended service life.


A hardwood frame with integrated intumescent seals and specially profiled to work with the door leaf and Sathys® Technical hinges - eliminating gaps between door and frame.

Deadbolt and Doorstop

The integrated deadbolt system prevents complete closure of the door by children. The mechanical stop prevents the door from crushing hands or fingers between door leaf and wall.


There is a wide choice of finishes including several particularly suitable for premises used by young children: Huet Boréal laminates, real wood veneers, Technidécor® engraving, and the Prothys® hygiene protection system.

Vision Panels

With your choice of our full range of vision panels, the Euroflam Nursery can be considered for use in all sorts of areas where children may be present.

Award Winning

Huet are proud to announce that our Euroflam Nursery anti finger-trap doorset scooped a coveted Innovation Award at Paris’ prestigious Batimat construction exhibition.

Contact us to find out how the Euroflam Nursery can be used in your next project.