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Acoustic-Rated Doorsets

35 to 55 Rw dB Acoustic Rated Doorset Solutions for Acousticians

Acoustic rated doorsets for Acousticians

Huet’s range of timber doorsets spans products with 29 to 55 Rw dB acoustic ratings, tested to the Rw standard by accredited laboratories. Thanks to continuous development we are able to supply high performance acoustic doors with remarkably slim door leafs. This same process produces a highly stable door leaf, ensuring uniform performance between it and the acoustic seal.

You can specify complete doorsets incorporating our latest technical innovations rather than separate doors and frames. Rebated frames for example, eliminate mechanical deformity to create an even, constant pressure on the acoustic seal ensuring that acoustic performance is maintained. All this adds up to a guarantee that the unit will perform not only at the test laboratory - but in situ also.

All our acoustic rated doorsets can be specified with a choice of fully acoustically tested vision panels.

Over the years Huet has gained vast experience in developing and applying acoustic technology to doorsets. We’re trusted by acousticians across Europe to provide doorsets which perform in a variety of specialised industries: broadcasting, sound recording, education, health and hotelery.

Notable projects to use Huet doors include:

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